Maple Art Creator
paul harryn

Maple Art Creator

Paul Harryn

Confluence of an accomplished artist, common thread between sincere amity born from same passion to exude masterpiece like no other.

Brilliant light arising trace out own way to discover.

Strength and profoundity being hearth essence of this mysterious, mystical and fascinating artist.


Inspire, gather and create together through values, ours.

Born from INSPIRATION, spontaneity even temerity, that only initiates can fully perceive innovation’s canvass amplitude.  Such efforts, research, development, resources or schedule are among only few variables that had to be properly harmonized along the way to become the Maple Art Project. Beyond interest, the unique and artistic approach has inspired and more has passionate experts and talented artists in many fields whose have cherished creation and accomplished so magnificent masterpieces.

Combined to the incomparable taste of a 100% pure and healthy product; and through famous artists by sharing their masterpieces and maple syrup gustative indulgence to finally insufflate emotions; feelings and  happiness to receive as much as to give.