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Maple producers collect sap when frosty nights followed by days of thaw, which usually occurs around the end of winter or early spring, depending on the region. This period is called the "sugar season" or "sugaring" in Quebec. Slit retrieves maple sap liquid, which contains about 2% to 3% of sugar from the roots of the tree. During spring time, he goes under the bark, through the xylem, in the entire tree to provide sufficient energy to boost metabolism. It takes between 35 and 40 liters of sap to make one liter of syrup.

The arrival of the so-called developed sap occurs when the metabolism of the tree is revived. It is much more loaded with minerals and complex organic molecules which gives it its bitter taste and marks the end of the sap harvest.

Maple trunk has to be at least 20 cm in diameter to harvest its sap. Maples are usually tapped beginning at 45 years of age. However, a sugar maple tree can continue to be tapped for sap until they are over 300 years or more. So it can give water every spring for many years.


Inspire, gather and create together through values, ours.

Born from INSPIRATION, spontaneity even temerity, that only initiates can fully perceive innovation’s canvass amplitude.  Such efforts, research, development, resources or schedule are among only few variables that had to be properly harmonized along the way to become the Maple Art Project. Beyond interest, the unique and artistic approach has inspired and more has passionate experts and talented artists in many fields whose have cherished creation and accomplished so magnificent masterpieces.

Combined to the incomparable taste of a 100% pure and healthy product; and through famous artists by sharing their masterpieces and maple syrup gustative indulgence to finally insufflate emotions; feelings and  happiness to receive as much as to give.