Maple Art Creator


Our approach

From our love for maple syrup, a unique product treated with all the care that its transformation into a divine elixir calls for, has emerged the will to offer a pure maple syrup, presented to you under a form as unique as the product itself, a form that strives to carry a message of hope, an emotion: our emotion.

At each step of the process, we have sought the inspiration of great artists and loving beings, and selected noble materials preciously. Each carafe has been made with hand-blown by the masters of Atlantis and each cork, carved by the artisans of Amorim, two illustrious houses from Portugal, famous for the highest quality standards. We felt that these choices were the only ones that could properly harmonize with the exceptional qualities of our maple syrup: its purity, its antioxidant properties or its unequaled taste, to name a few. 

Beyond genius, talent and creativity, it is friendship and love that have guided our path. The individuals that have helped make our dream come true are artists; they are friends and cherished ones. They are, notably, the Canadian artist, painter, sculptor and ceramist Tommy Zen as well as Paul-Jean Plaza, the American architect and designer, whose passion has inspired us. For us, they have created true pieces of art that magnify our product. 


Inspire, gather and create together through values, ours.

Born from INSPIRATION, spontaneity even temerity, that only initiates can fully perceive innovation’s canvass amplitude.  Such efforts, research, development, resources or schedule are among only few variables that had to be properly harmonized along the way to become the Maple Art Project. Beyond interest, the unique and artistic approach has inspired and more has passionate experts and talented artists in many fields whose have cherished creation and accomplished so magnificent masterpieces.

Combined to the incomparable taste of a 100% pure and healthy product; and through famous artists by sharing their masterpieces and maple syrup gustative indulgence to finally insufflate emotions; feelings and  happiness to receive as much as to give.